Update 2019-07-29 (Team-Tactics)

Racing Mode

We decided, to work in two shifts. One shift will be called Racing-Shift, the other will be called Resting-Shift. In addition, we do have a Media Crew, in general operating independent from the both mentioned shifts before.
The race route is divided in 54 stages with a length of average 80 Kilometers. End and start of the stages are named “Time Station (TS)”. Knowing, that Time Stations do have an at least minimum of infrastructure (Parking Space, Phone Coverage, Toilets, Fuel, Shopping possibility etc.), we, when ever possible, will try to make changes of shift at a Time Station. In general, each shift will last 8 hours plus the time to reach the next Time Station. In exceptional cases a shift can last up to 11 hours.

Racing Shift

The Racing Shift consists of 2 Follow Vehicle (FV) both manned with 1 Driver, 1 Navigator and 1 Racer. The two racers do race responsively. The length of one stint is on the discretion of the racers. A duration of 45 to 60 minutes is recommended. Exceptional circumstances as like severe rain, strong wind, extreme temperature may shorten the stints. The academic duration of a shift hat does not affect the load in 24 hours. This never changes. The load on four 6-hours layers is the same as for three 8-hours layers or two 12-hours layers.

Resting Shift

The resting shift consists of 2 racers, 6 crew members and 2 RV. The term “resting shift” is a little misleading. Here is an example:
It takes about 30 minutes from the end of the previous shift change to the departure to the next shift change point. The shift change point is usually about 250 kilometers away. Experience has shown that the journey time is about 4 hours. From waking up to the next shift, it takes about 60 minutes for hygiene, breakfast and race preparation. This means that as a rule, only 2.5 hours remain to rest per shift. The times for various tasks as there are shopping, dining, maintenance and small repairs are still to be deducted from this. The longer the shift, the longer the resting time and the sleep.