5002 km done!

These athletes have conquered the continent from west to east after crossing 12 states in 7 days and 16 hours 46 minutes! At 8 AM local time they crossed the finnishing line in Annapolis, Maryland, in second place in their category ( male 50-59). Average speed 16.44 miles/ hour, equevalent to 26,45 km/hour.

From left: Jürgen, Kjell, Peter and Sjur prosents the proof of compleeting RAAM 2022

Last shower on the road

Sjur takes his last shower on the road Saturday at 22 o’clock. Axel and Hans help to cover him from the other customers at the gasstation in Hancock, Maryland. Tomorrow, early Sunday, they will reach the finnish line

Over the hilltop

Jørgen has just finnished the climb up to Dayton, West Virginia. The top of «Cheat Mountain 2476» climb. He sends off Peter down the hills and into the last state of the race, Maryland.

Sabine waves the flag as Jürgen sends off Peter
A quick dip into this Appalachian stream cools off Peter
Bettina and Fritz are happy about Jürgen’s last stint in West Virginia. Maryland next!


Sabine gives Peter’s muscels lifesaving treatment in Blanchester, Ohio. At the timestation in this little town they had put up a massagebench. And the first TS with cheering supporters!

Another milestone

At noon today (Thursday June 23rd) the team exceeded the distance of La Vuelta a Espana 2021, 1993 miles, about 3.190 kms.

Kjell thanks Kristian for the support
Kjell closes in on Sjur while teammembers cheer

Kjell sends Sjur further while capturing the moment with his phone. In the background the mediacrewmember Dag also gets his shots