Trigger 1

Many (about 20?) years ago, Peter watched a documentary about RAAM. He was overwhelmed by how much a human can perform if he or she decide to. For the years to come, one impression kept staying in his mind: a following car playing high volume songs through its roof-mounted loud speakers to prevent a rider from falling asleep while riding downhill (it must have been towards the end of the race while descending the Appalachians).

He tried to find the documentary on youtube, so far without success. It was about two solo riders, one sleeping 3 hours and the other one 4 hours. The three hour rest rider had an advantage in the first part of the race but was beaten by his competitor because rest is just too important to skip during such an endeavour. If you know the documentary, please drop us a note! Btw: there are a couple of films about various RAAM projects on youtube worth watching!